Wilkie Collins portraitThe Wilkie Collins Society was formed during 1980 to promote interest in the life and works of this important nineteenth-century author. Apart from The Moonstone and The Woman in White which are both well known, Wilkie Collins wrote numerous other novels, short stories, plays and essays. His books have attracted readers for more than a century and his unconventional lifestyle has intrigued the literary world for nearly as long.

Collins features prominently in works on Detective Fiction and the Sensation Novel. New titles have regularly been reissued by Oxford University Press, Sutton Publishing and other publishers so that there are now more of his works in print than since the turn of the century. There have also been film, television and radio productions.

The Wilkie Collins Society issues a Newsletter three times a year and a Journal under the editorship of Anne-Marie Beller. The Society also publishes an annual reprint of one of Collins’s short, lesser known works such as ‘A Pictorial Tour to St George Bosherville’ and ‘Considerations on the Copyright Question Addressed to an American Friend’. The recent ‘Rambles Around Marylebone’ was specially written for the Society by William Clarke.