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The Wilkie Collins Society Newsletter is published three times a year and contains the latest news, discoveries, research, and reviews of books and exhibitions.

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Winter 2023
Centenary 1924
Collins on Forster’s biography
Where Wilkie met Dickens
Wilkie’s boat drawing

Summer 2023 – illustrated
Caplin’s electro-chemical treatment for gout
Wilkie’s inheritances
Blue Plaque in Broadstairs

Spring 2023 – illustrated
Wilkie Collins Songbook
Wilkie and the sea
Hanover Terrace for sale


Winter 2022 – illustrated
Record prices for letters and books
Mesmerist John Elliotson
Wilkie’s heroines

Summer 2022 illustrated
Obituary of Wilkie’s gt-grandson Anthony West
Early filmss of The Womn in White
Wilkie’s visits to the north

Spring 2022 – illustrated
Wilkie’s first short stories
Copyright battles
An early image of Wilkie with Dickens and colleagues


Winter 2021 – illustrated
Duchess of Cornwall (now Queen Camilla) a Wilkie fan
Wilkie’s lifetime income
William Collins grave identified

Summer 2021
Wilkie and the tea merchant
The New Magdalen staged in Holland 1873

Spring 2021
Two early stories
Contemporary revies of Rambles


Winter 2020
Wilkie and epidemics
Dinner and ankle strain

Summer 2020 – illustrated
Edward Ward’s drawing of Wilkie in a coach
A newly discovered Italian obituary of Wilkie

Spring 2020 – illustrated
Wilkie’s part in Dickens’s funeral
Wilkie did not write the rest of Edwin Drood
Wilkie’s sketchbook discovered


Winter 2019
Frauds in Wilkie’s plots
Wilkie’s handwriting and hands
Collins’s family servants revealed

Summer 2019
A Moonstone brooch
Film adaptations
Other people called Wilkie Collins

Spring 2019
Wilkie’s copyright battles after his death
Customs seize Wilkie books in 1884
Dickens’s attempts to send his wife to an asylum

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