The Wilkie Collins Society publishes bibliographical studies of Wilkie Collins’s works from the earliest to the latest. All are available to download free.

Nineteenth century publications

The Woman in White – A Chronological Study, September 2010.
Andrew Gasson.
The publishing history of Wilkie Collins’s most famous book.

The Woman in White – Editions and Changes, December 2015.
Andrew Gasson.
An update to The Woman in White – A Chronological Study (WCS , September 2010). With details of the corrections and amendments made to the text in early London and New York publications.

Peter Fenelon Collier and Wilkie Collins’s Collected Editions, May 2018.
Andrew Gasson
The American publisher who published a collected edition of Wilkie’s works c.1900.

Wilkie Collins: Newly Identified Contributions in All The Year Round, January 2017.
Paul Lewis
Eight newly identified pieces in Dickens’s periodical All the Year Round and analysis of whether Wilkie wrote them. Includes a listing of pieces wrongly attributed to him in the past. With appendix.

Wilkie Collins’s publications by Chatto & Windus, December 2022.
Andrew Gasson.
The editions, the covers, the endpapers, the format of his works published from 1875 by his last publisher, Chatto & Windus.

Parodies, Plagiarisms, and Imitations of Willkie Collins, December 2018.
Andrew Gasson.
A compendium of the fake or funny with some caricatures of Wilkie Collins.

Ghost’s Gloom and the death of a housekeeper, August 2021.
Paul Lewis.
Story of the book Ghost’s Gloom by J G Holmes which he dedicated to Wilkie Collins, and the family tragedy it concealed.

Recent publications

Wilkie on the Airwaves: Part I – BBC, December 2005.
Paul Lewis.
The BBC’s archive holdings of Wilkie Collins’s plays, stories and biographies from 1946 to 2005. Part II was never published.

A review of Titles Currently Available, December 1994.
A list of Collins titles in and out of print.

Wilkie Collins – Recent Spanish editions, July 2000 with an update for 2003.
Antonio Iriarte.
List of editions of Wilkie’s books in Spanish.

World Wide Wilkie, December 1999.
Paul Lewis
An early account of using the web to research and buy Wilkie Collins books.