Volume 17

Volume 17 Special Issue: ‘Materiality in Wilkie Collins and his Contemporaries’

With Guest Editors Kym Brindle and Laura Eastlake (Edge Hill University)

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Introduction: “Hosts of odd, old-fashioned things” by Kym Brindle

“Pondering on that little circle of plaited hair”: Hairwork, Materiality, and Identity in Wilkie Collins’s Hide and Seek (1854) by Heather Hind

“As Plain as Print”: The Physiognomic Body, Clothing, and Written Texts in the Sensation Novel of the 1860s by Sarah Lennox

‘Stupid’ Clocks and Pocket-Watches: Defunct Time-Pieces in The Woman in White and Lady Audley’s Secret by Hannah-Freya Blake

Styling the Self: Exploring Identity Formation Through Clothing in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre by Jessica Banner


Abigail Boucher reviewing Paraphernalia! Victorian Objects (2018) by Helen Kingstone and Kate Lister

Zan Cammack reviewing Victorian Liberalism and Material Culture: Synergies of Thought and Place (2018) by Kevin A Morrison

Jessica Allsop reviewing Sensational Things: Souvenirs, Keepsakes, and Mementos in Wilkie Collins’s Fiction (2019) by Sabina Fazli

Heidi Logan reviewing Tuberculosis and Disabled Identity in Nineteenth Century Literature: Invalid Lives (2018) by Alex Tankard

Natalie Reeve reviewing What the Victorians Made of Romanticism: Material Artefacts, Cultural Practices, and Reception History (2017) by Tom Mole

Jessica H. Everard reviewing Creating Character: Theories of Nature and Nurture in Victorian Sensation Fiction (2018) by Helena Ifill

Emily Bell reviewing Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions (2018), ed. by Julie Codell and Linda K. Hughes