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‘There is nothing either of Wilkie or Collins about it’: Naming and Signing in Wilkie Collins’s ‘Memoirs of the Life of William Collins’ and ‘Blind Love’

Wilkie Collins died, after a prolonged period of ill-health, on 23 September 1889. The beginning of the end was signalled after he suffered a “paralytic stroke” on 30 June of that year, from which he never fully recovered (Robinson 321). Two days before his death, Collins penned two short notes to Francis Carr Beard, his […]

Blind Love

The story of the composition of Wilkie Collins’s final work is almost as striking as that found in the novel itself. In the spring of 1887, soon after completing the revisions to the short stories collected in Little Novels and with several months left before he needed to start work on The Legacy of Cain […]