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Wilkie Collins’s Legacies: ‘The Moonstone’ in Boris Akunin’s ‘Murder on the Leviathan’ and ‘Children’s Book’

The plot of Wilkie Collins’s Moonstone relies heavily on the device of the legacy, and legacies – great, small, and merely hypothetical – crop up with astonishing frequency over the course of the novel.1 Rachel Verinder, for example, receives an Indian diamond as a bequest from her uncle; she subsequently comes into her mother’s sizeable fortune; and she […]

The Moonstone

Of the twenty-five novels which Collins produced, over an exceptionally long and creative literary career, only two can be said to have really made it into the canon (or at least, which amounts to much the same thing, into undergraduate reading lists.) These two are, of course, The Woman in White (1860) andThe Moonstone (1868). The most popular […]