Volume 18

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Neo-Victorian Collins: Legacies and Afterlives

Contributor Biographies – Neo-Victorian Collins Special Issue

“The Story Seems of an Almost Unbelievable Romanticism”: Agatha Christie’s Parodic Emptying of Wilkie Collins’s Foreign Conspiracies by Indu Ohri

The Moonstone in the Smoke: Reading for Erasure in Phillip Pullman’s Neo-Sensation Novel in the Age of #MeToo by Kimberly Cox

“I Have at Last Discovered Something”: Wilkie Collins and the Neo-Victorian Female Detective by Beth Sherman

The Transformation of Victorian Monsters: Wilkie Collins’ Heart and Science and Gail Carriger’s Neo-Victorian ‘Parasol Protectorate’ Series by Melissa Purdue

“Et tu, Drood?”: Rivalry, Identity, and the Undercover Personas of Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens in Dan Simmons’s Drood (2009) by Kathryne Ford


Companion to Victorian Popular Fiction (2018), ed. by Kevin A. Morrison

Deviance in Neo-Victorian Culture: Canon, Transgression, Innovation (2018) by Saverio Tomaiuolo

Neo-Victorianism and Sensation Fiction (2019) by Jessica Cox

Neo-Victorian Madness: Rediagnosing Nineteenth-Century Mental Illness in Literature and Other Media (2020), ed. by Sarah E. Maier and Brenda Ayres.

Neo-Victorianism on Screen: Postfeminism and Contemporary Adaptations of Victorian Women (2018) by Antonija Primorac

Railway Reading and Late-Victorian Literary Series (2018) by Paul Raphael Rooney

Sensational Deviance: Disability in Nineteenth-Century Sensation Fiction (2019) by Heidi Logan

The Vampire: A New History (2018) by Nick Groom

Victorian Environments: Acclimatizing to Change in British Domestic and Colonial Culture.  (2018), ed. by Grace Moore and Michelle J. Smith

Wilkie Collins’s Lo scrigno di Mr Wray, ovvero la maschera e il mistero. Una storia di Natale (2019), edited with an introduction by Mariaconcetta Costantini, translated by Emilia Carmen Cavaliere